Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This week in the Derby,we are basically just waiting for next week's Halloween theme- everyone assumes. I don't know, they might just ignore it- they probably didn't do that well last year when my design placed 3rd and they printed it kind of strangely- one of the colors was pretty far from what I thought it should be.

Anyway, this week I entered a design in which I drew our cat's face from a photo of her. Essentially I used the artist's brush in Corel Draw and varied the thickness depending on the way the fur looked. I think it turned out pretty good, and plan to get a front standing photo of the cat with her tail off to the side, to use as a start for a full-shirt wrap-around design. From the front, the lines will get narrower as you get closer to the back of the cat. From the back of the shirt, the lines will be thicker on the tail and get narrower as you get closer to the front of the shirt and cat.

The most significant thing about this post is that it is my first blog post. I'll get better.


K said...

I would wear this cat.

K said...

That looks just like Scratchy.
You have a Maine Coon too?

Josephus said...

yep, she's a huge cat. Wife got her from a guy at work who essentially should not have any live things around him at all. He didn't mistreat her, but he's just wrong for life. She's a great cat, quite afraid of all things male. not me, though- I'm OK in her book.