Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Foxes at Fire, Fire with Foxes, not quite sure

I started this project about a year ago, and shelved it until a few days ago. I'd been involved in a derby in which a fox was drawn with these long stripey lines, allegedly pointillism. Anyway, regardless, it got me thinin about drawing a fox where it was only drawn via the fur. Eventually I put in reflections on the eyes and light on the noses, so it wasn't just the fur. I always wanted them to be in front of a fire, and so that was the focus of my past day or so.
I'm not satisfied yet, what I want this to look like is that the foxes are curled up together behind the fire, and they are visible from the light on their fur and reflected from their eyes. Consequently, the brightest light is going to be at the closest portions of the foxes,a nd the farther back parts will be in shadow and darker. This is also true that the farther back portion will be darker. So I have to fiddle with it some more before I'm happy. I am pleased by the fire itself, and by the foes, just need some tweaking of the brightness of the foxes.

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