Monday, January 11, 2010

Neo days and robot nights

I submitted a Matrix-inspired design to the derby that I believe worked really, really well.

Tonight, as I waited at son's boy scout meeting, I drew another in my series of robotic-ish designs

I think I am improving as I go on with these. At any rate, I'ma continue. Thanks for all the previous comments, y'all, I promise to do better about looking and especially commenting on the other blogs.


SkekTek said...

That matrix one is awesome. I hope it does well!

Josephus said...

thanks, Skek. Like everything submitted after Friday, it is just slow about getting votes. I was hoping to get a big boost from the elusive anonymous voters, but I'm not seeing enough to get up there. Your WiiFit is doing respectable, though it doesn't look like it'll make the print. maybe we'll get HMs.

yeah, right.