Sunday, January 3, 2010

Time to start thinking about Egypt.

I'ma have to start talking about the derby today, because that's all I worked on today. I looked at Tutankhamen pictures, and decided to attempt to invent one of those big necklace things that could hang on the front of a shirt. They mostly have a big set of wings, with either a big bird attached, or some sort of person/goddess. This is a pretty common theme, in the tomb images, and the coffin enclosures, as well as an awful lot of hieroglyphics. Everyone seemed to wear these kinds of bling pieces. Accordingly, here is my drawn image, which I am now working on to turn it into a vector design. I am hoping to make it look pretty realistic before the derby starts, so I may be working on it as my major design this week. I have another design from TWO YEARS AGO that I am going to submit to woot for a valentine design, which I think is just fabulous. For two years, I forgot it during the time before valentines, and I'm going to send it out to them this week.

Anyway, here's my big jewelry piece:


Ressa said...

I love the details on this. Can't wait to see it finished.

Monkeyswag said...

Great job. Such a great job, I changed my plan for the derby, tossed out my necklace design. It's a good think. I like yours better.