Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tiger, tiger

Well, the real world has intruded in a big way on my computer time, reflected by my lack of updates over the last week or so. We are in the middle of the worst winter OF ALL TIME! OF ALL TIME!*
* in the Mid-Atlantic region, since they've started recording it.

At our house, last weekend we got 30 inches of snow. By Tuesday, we finally had it shoveled out of our driveway. Our neighbors, who had someone come with a truck to clear their driveway, got their drives cleared by Tuesday morning, a couple of hours before us.

About an hour after the last of the shoveling was done here, the snow started for our current storm. At that time, it was predicted for 10-20 inches, now they are saying 6-12 inches. However, the big thing is the WIND. It's a Nor'easter, with 40 mph winds and gusts above that. we're seeing wind right now, but it's gonna get worse. this morning it looked like about 5 inches of new snow, but really, the drifting and tree breakage is the big concern, and we are likely to lose power, along with everyone else.

Our kids have been out of school since Friday, and at least through the end of this week. Consequently, they have been using my computer more than I have.

However, I did enter a couple of origami designs in the Woot derby, and it was the second of those that inspired the one that I'm showing here.
I ended up folding this origami, and shining a light own on it so that I could see where the shadow would be. I'm sure it isn't really quite right, as the flames would probably be more blurred, but I like the look of it, and I really like the idea of catching the tiger on fire.
I didn't burn the origami.

I should say that I did change it some from the original, which was a cat, not a tiger. In that origami, the ears are pointy, and I cut off the corners. I figured that was OK, since the original ears were cut anyway. I also put a bend in the tail, and folded back the front of the feet so that they'd look like paws instead of some kind of chibi®* things. Over-all, I think the changes I made greatly improve the origami. The origami is also a two-piece design, which technically is against the rules, but common, so I don't care.

*Trademark belongs to Adder. ;^)


Monkeyswag said...

Nice work.

I feel for you and your family and the endless snow storms. Be safe.

Ressa (ressamac on Twitter) said...

My woot twin said EXACTLY what I was going to say. You guys take care. We are having snow today in Dallas but it is soft and gentle and I am sure will be gone by tomorrow. I like your tiger origami on fire. Neat idea.

Josephus said...

thanks, y'all. We're past the worst of it. They are saying we have about 42 inches of snow on the ground right now. We have a few more shovelfuls of snow to get our second car free, but our first car is free, and we can now get out into the world. We didn't lose power with the second storm.